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"the point that a piece stops being a retelling and becomes a poem, is when it picks an image, and suddenly it begins to hover. it begins to obsess. that's the moment when the author thinks, 'there's no other way to say this' and lets that moment linger. that's when it becomes a poem."

bryan head


hi! i'm maia.

i'm a poet and musician based in boston, ma. while i've been writing for several years, i discovered my passion for poetry my senior year of high school upon writing my first collection, being mixed is, for my senior thesis. upon graduating in 2019 and arriving at the university of maryland, college park, i declared a creative writing minor in addition to my music studies. i am currently a student in the jimenez-porter writer's house on campus and writing poetry in any time that i'm not making music or drinking copious amounts of coffee. 



my work will be in edition 8.4 of star 82 review, coming out december 2020!
check back in for more information about how to pick up your copy.

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featured artists

i'm incredibly honored to collaborate with my own brother, dan, an incredible digital artist who is currently helping me to produce some pieces for my latest projects. he's also a stunning photographer-- click the link to check out his work on instagram! 

another huge thanks to twitter user @einono2! their commissions are currently being donated to unicef and other organizations. click the link to check out more of their work!


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